The Process

Step 1:

I would love to learn about who you are, why you want your pictures taken, and what makes you unique/what you want captured. This is so important because it tells me what to look for in our photography session. We can discuss all of this over coffee, email or a phone conversation.


Step 2:

Now we can meet at a location that is important to you: your favourite place to spend time together as a family, a dream location you have always wanted or where you feel inspired and hopeful about the future. This is where we get creative and you just get to be you!!!


Step 3:

This is where you get to see your beautifully and professionally edited images! It is awesome, of course you should share them online and yes we can talk about different collections, wall art displays, albums and prints.

Family Portraits

Family Portraits are one of the ways we can tie the past to the future. It is a simple, but beautiful reminder of what connects you to each other in our busy, fast paced world; some days its just what is needed.

What is it about your family that makes you unique? Where do you as a family like to hang out and what do you like to do as a family? Answering these questions will put you on the right path to capturing who you are as a family. I would love to talk with you about these details!!!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long are the sessions?

I allow 1- 1.5 hours for each session. Now each session may not last that long, specifically if you have young children they may not last that long and that is OK.

  • What if my child will not hold still long enough or won’t last the whole session?

As a parent myself, I can understand and sympathize with the stress that may be involved here. What I love about toddlers is what can make them the hardest subjects to photograph; they don’t fake emotions. They simply are who they are, and sometimes they just want to run around and do whatever you say not to do. My advice is to relax and make it an adventure for them. Have fun with your kids and let me handle the stress of taking good pictures. When kids know that you are relaxed and having fun they often relax and have fun too. I will pose you here and there, but after a couple pictures let dad tickle one of them or make a joke. Families having fun together produce the best pictures any ways. Trust me!

  • What should we wear?

I don’t advise matching outfits all that often, however, coordinating colours and patterns works well. Dad and the boys can have blue or orange as part of their outfit while mom and the girls have red or purple accents. It can be standard across the whole family or as you choose. You don’t have to coordinate at all if that is not your style but my one rule, and i’m a stickler with it, is that you must wear clothes.

  • How many can come?

I typically have my rates and time set for a family of 5 max, which allows for enough time to get pictures of all family together and in different combos with each other. Should you be the exception to this, whether you need photography for a family reunion or just have more family members, let me know and we can work out the details and arrange for it so that we can get the best results.

Design Options

  • McMillan Photography can take your family pictures to the next level with wall art displays for your home.

  • Holiday Cards and much more are all available as well. Take the best pictures from our session together and wish everyone the best of the season and a happy new year.

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